4mm2 (12 AWG) / 6mm2 (10 AWG) Solar Cable (w/o connectors)
4mm2 (12 AWG) / 6mm2 (10 AWG) Solar Cable (w/o connectors)

4mm2 (12 AWG) / 6mm2 (10 AWG) Solar Cable (w/o connectors)

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Brand: ANFIL Solar Technology

Color: Red / Black


  • ANFIL Solar Panel PV Cable DC Rated Black & Red 4mm² 6mm² - 1800V Double Insulated Quality Wire is a high quality product specially designed to provide professional installation of solar panels for on-grid and off-grid systems
  • Minimum Power Loss: Solar extension cable is typically sold in 14, 12 and 10 AWG sizes. Our solar cable offered in this listing is 12 AWG and 10 AWG and it has two largest sizes. Using of large diameter cable minimizes power loss in your solar panel system
  • Suitable for use in all photovoltaic systems for cabling of solar modules
  • The wiring is weatherproof and designed to withstand extreme heat and cold
  • Inner Conductor is Flexible Tinned Copper Wire, guarantee good conductivity


Product Name: Extension Cable for Solar Panel Cable
Cable Cross Section: 4 mm2 (12 AWG) / 6 mm2 (10 AWG)
Conductor of Cable: Tinned copper
Insulation of Cable: Double XLPE
Rated Voltage: DC 1.5 kV; AC 0.6-1 kV
Rated Current: 10 ~ 50 A
Test Voltage: 6 KV (50 Hz, 1 Min)
Flame Class: UL94-V0
Rated Temperature: -40°C~+85 °C
Upper Temperature Limit: 100 °C
Pollution Degree: 2
Protection Degree: Class II
Standard: TUV, CE

Service Life: 25 years


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